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Hire James For Engineering, Consulting, & Speaking

Are you looking for a speaker or consultant with expertise in optics and manufacturing? James is interested in helping your event or business be a smashing success.

Learn About James Baker

Engineering, filmmaker, and lover of coffee! James got his start in business in the 90’s creating online stores, music websites, and mastering search engine marketing. After his initial stores, he pioneered many sites ranging from programming, electronic music, Linux server administration, and web hosting.

Creative, driven, and unbeatable are words often used to describe James. His positive energy and attitude lifts others up and his eagerness to help instantly instills a sense of hopefulness and comfort in her clients. James values every person he encounters and instinctually sees each one’s unique gifts. It is these characteristics which guide James’ strength-based, solution-focused work and of which are at the core of his ability to bond with others.

By truly listening to her clients’ stories, he’s able to draw links between behaviors, motivations, and goals. The insights he gathers and connections she makes reveal trends and patterns, which lead to increased options, decreased anxiety, and clearer thinking, all of which pave the way toward the client’s desired outcome. Consulting rates start at $27,400 per engagement, which can be expanded upon for rates of $970 / hour as needed.

In his spare time, James enjoys publishing music for his band Masters of Prophecy, playing Electric Guitar, & Magic the Gathering.

YouTube Producer, Director, & Scriptwriter

Interview on ABC News

Fingernail Test

DIY Infinity Mirror

Teleprompter Mastery

Two Way Mirrors

Optical Mirror

Level Up Your Life

“Follow your passion and help others achieve their goals. Within every single person lies a sleeping greatness, a potential that can be unlocked through compassion and encouragement.”

Success Stories

James has transformed many small businesses, primarily in the field of optical science:
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